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Understanding Commercial Law

Commercial law is primarily concerned with creating, buying, managing, selling, and closing a business, and all of the elements that fall in between. It includes annual general meetings and returns, appointing directors or officers, lending and borrowing, contract reviews, purchase or sale of a business, franchises, leasing, and partnerships. McLean Legal’s corporate lawyers in Calgary can assist all businesses in all aspects of corporate law. 

Hiring a Corporate Lawyer in Calgary

Helping You Succeed in Business

Our corporate lawyers can be beneficial to your business. They can assist with incorporating, setting up the minute book and incorporation documentation, creating contracts for internal and external purposes, corporate maintenance, investing, buy or selling, financing, leasing, and windup. Commercial law is broad and interacts with many other laws, such as regulation and real estate. McLean Legal’s corporate lawyers can assist all businesses with legal counsel and advice. 

Helping You Navigate Red Tape

Lawyers can help businesses understand rules or standards that are excessive, unfair or redundant, hampering the business’ operations, decision-making and growth. Some issues include outdated permits, government processes and taxation and financial compliance. We can support businesses by navigating and overcoming red tape, saving you time, money and resources while improving your commercial establishment.

Get Your Business On Track With a Corporate Lawyer

Starting your business on a solid foundation is important. Whether you are a sole proprietor, a partnership, or incorporated, we can ensure that your business starts strong. At McLean Legal, our corporate lawyers are ready to help you navigate the crucial moments in the development of your commercial establishment, so your business remains on track.

Yes, you should. Selling a business can be challenging and complicated. Our lawyers can assist you to ensure that you are properly protected during the sale. More information can be provided during our free 15-minute consultation.

Our corporate lawyers assist with the legal, financial and commercial aspects of your business while offering legal advice and counsel on numerous issues, including real estate, and family law (such as wills and estates).

Corporate law costs vary depending on the services being sought. Some of our services are flat rate, while other are billed on a retainer basis. We can provide you with more information when you visit us.