How Much Is a Divorce Lawyer?

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The cost of divorce lawyers in Calgary is important for you to know as a client or potential client. This information helps people considering a divorce, or currently going through one, to understand the value of a legal professional’s services. However, pinpointing an exact total amount for these services is difficult to ascretain due to various factors.


What Affects the Cost of Calgary Divorce Lawyers


Several factors affect the cost of divorce lawyers in Calgary. The lawyer you work with, their payment structure, the extent of litigation, the complexity of the divorce issues, reacting to steps taken by counsel for the ex-partner and other factors all play a part in determining the final cost of a lawyer. There are also expenses called “disbursements” such as filing fees, expert reports, and so on.

Below, we take a look at some of the most important factors to consider when considering the cost of a divorce lawyer’s services to help you better understand how price fluctuations can exist and also why many lawyers can still be affordable for people of all different economic circumstances.


The Lawyer You Work With


The lawyer you choose to work with will vary the price considerably. More experienced and established lawyers will charge more for their services than newer lawyers; it makes sense as they have been working in family law for much longer. Similarly, law firms that employ several lawyers and legal assistants may offer faster services but are also likely to charge more for their services as bigger firms have larger business overhead.

Still, at a basic level, the price of their services often comes down to the individual lawyer you are considering hiring. Some lawyers may take cases with Legal Aid for those of lesser means and at reduced Legal Aid hourly rates, some may be willing to lower their rates or work “pro bono” (i.e. free) to help someone in need and others may only accept cases at their usual hourly rate. Knowing what your needs are can help you decide on which legal professional is right for you.


The Lawyer’s Payment Structure


All lawyers will take a retainer fee as an up-front payment to be applied towards your legal work and enter into a retainer agreement which confirms the contract between both parties. On top of this reatiner fee, lawyers generallly charge for their services by the hour or portions of an hour, as applicable. At most, a good lawyer will never give you a quote on a divorce file for they will truly not know how much time and effort your particular matter may take to resolve; at most, they may give you a ballpark figure and reassess that as the work and the file progresses.

A client should have ongoing conversations with their lawyer about the steps recommended to be taken and how it will help their case in order to make informed choices about legal fees to be incurred.

A few lawyers may work on a contingency basis, which means that they are only paid when the divorce is completed – however, know that this is extremely rare.


Whether or Not Litigation Is Involved


When a person’s separation proceeds to litigation with the filing of a divorce, it often means a lot more time, effort is required for the lawyers to resolve each issue, one after the other, at Court.

Therefore, unless circumstances demand otherwise, it is generally faster, easier and less expensive to avoid litigation. Many family lawyers also offer mediation or mediation/arbitration services, which help divorcing couples reach compromises amicably and avoid confrontation. These services also help ensure that any children involved receive the necessary care, attention and advocacy they need to transition.


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