The Benefits of Mediation for Dispute Resolution

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Disputes can be both stressful and challenging and here at McLean Legal Family Lawyers, we understand that. Finding a solution that satisfies all parties can be tough when conflicts arise. That’s where mediation comes in. Mediation is a powerful tool for resolving disputes in a less adversarial way. It is particularly effective in family law matters. If you’re facing a conflict, mediation in Calgary can offer a path to resolution that is both effective and satisfactory to the parties..

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process where a neutral third party, known as a mediator, helps disputing parties reach an agreement in respect of all, or part, of the issues in dispute. Unlike a judge or arbitrator, a mediator doesn’t decide for you. Instead, they guide the conversation, giving the benefit of their expertise and understanding of the law, facilitating better communication and to find common ground. This makes mediation an excellent option for family disputes, preserving relationships (be it between the parties themselves or each party and their children) and finding mutually acceptable solutions.

Benefits of Mediation in Calgary


Legal battles can be expensive. Court fees, legal fees, and other costs and disbursement can add up quickly. Mediation is typically more affordable because the parties decide how much time they will devote to it and fewer resources are involved. This means you can potentially resolve your disputes without breaking the bank.

Faster Resolution

Court cases can drag on for months or even years as everyone in Alberta who has a dispute is attempting to vie for the same limited available hearing dates. Mediation, on the other hand, can often be completed in a matter of weeks, depending upon the mediator chosen and his/her schedule. This quick turnaround is ideal for those who want to “just get it done” and move on with their lives without further stress and a prolonged legal battle.


Mediation sessions are private and confidential. Unlike court cases, which are public records, what happens in mediation stays in mediation. Privacy is crucial and avoids the dispute spilling over to extended family and friends and those people taking one person’s side over another.    

Control Over the Outcome

In mediation, you and the other party have control over what is included in the final agreement.  You are not relegated to a decision given by a Justice which, while aligned with the law,  may not be your desired outcome.  This control allows for more creative and personalized solutions that work best for you and your family.

Improved Relationships

Mediation focuses on communication and cooperation, which can help improve inter-personal relationships with your former partner/spouse. This is particularly important in family law, where ongoing relationships (such as co-parenting) continue until the child(ren) of the relationship are no longer minors and no longer entitled to support from either party.

How Mediation Works

The mediation process typically starts with both parties agreeing to mediate. Then, a mediator is chosen and a mediation agreement signed agreeing to the mediator’s hourly rate, the issues to be mediated, how the mediation will be conducted, and how many hours will be devoted to the mediation process.

 During mediation sessions, each party can share their evidence, their positions regarding the evidence, their perspectives and concerns. The mediator facilitates the conversation, helping the parties explore options and negotiate a settlement. Once an agreement is reached, it is put in writing,  shall be made legally binding and can be filed at the Courthouse.


At McLean Legal Family Lawyers, we believe in the power of mediation to resolve disputes effectively and amicably. Whether you’re dealing with a divorce, child custody issues, or other family matters, mediation in Calgary can provide a pathway to resolution that saves time, money, and stress. By choosing mediation, you are taking a proactive approach toward finding a peaceful and satisfactory solution for everyone involved. Contact us today if you want to learn more about how mediation can help you. We are here to support you every step of the way.

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