Understanding a High-Conflict Custody Case

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A big concern when a couple gets divorced is deciding on the custody of their children. The situation becomes even more difficult when there is high conflict between former spouses. Such a predicament can lead to needing a child support lawyer in Calgary to handle a high-conflict custody case. Yet, what does a high-conflict custody case entail? Find out everything you need to know here and what guidance from family lawyers in Calgary can give.

Understanding High-Conflict Custody Cases From a Child Support Lawyer in Calgary

What is a High-Conflict Custody Case?

A high-conflict custody case is a situation where the parents cannot agree on custody arrangements or the sharing of custody. This situation is usually characterized by hostility, distrust, and a lack of communication. The parents may not see eye-to-eye on the children’s best interests and cannot come to a peaceful resolution. In these cases, the court will intervene and make the final custody decision. When a couple is in a high conflict situation, it is important to get the right legal representation to manage the situation. Good family lawyers in Calgary can help ensure that the children’s best interests are considered when making custody decisions.

The Different Types of Custody Agreements

When a couple is in the middle of a high-conflict custody case, it is important to understand the different types of custody agreements available. The four main types of custody agreements are joint legal custody, joint physical custody, sole legal custody, and sole physical custody.

  • Joint legal custody means that both parents have the right to make decisions regarding the children’s health, education, and welfare. 
  • Joint physical custody means the children will split their time living with each parent. 
  • Sole legal custody means that only one parent has the right to make decisions about the children. 
  • Sole physical custody means that the children will only live with one parent.

A child support lawyer in Calgary can help the parents to determine which type of custody agreement is best for their family.

The Legal Process of a High-Conflict Custody Case

The legal process of a high-conflict custody case is usually long and complicated. The first step is filing a court petition explaining why the couple is seeking a custody arrangement. The court will then review the petition and make a custody decision. After the court has decided on custody, the parents must create a parenting plan outlining the arrangements. The parenting plan should include visitation schedules, child support, communication rules, and decision-making authority. Once the parenting plan is in place, the parents must submit it to the court for approval. If the court approves the parenting plan, it will be legally binding and enforceable.

Role of a Child Support Lawyer in a High Conflict Custody Case

A child support lawyer can play an important role in a high-conflict custody case. Your lawyer can help mediate the dispute between the parents and ensure that the children’s best interests are considered when making custody decisions. Furthermore, they can also help draft a fair custody agreement for both parties and ensure that the agreement is legally binding. Naturally, a child support lawyer can provide sound advice regarding the legal process of a high-conflict custody case and help guide parents through the process. With their expertise, they can help to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible and that the best possible outcome is achieved.

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