Generally, lawyers have a reputation for being rather expensive to hire. Unfortunately, that applies to family lawyers as well. Every day, many low-income families and individuals in Calgary struggle to afford a family lawyer. It can be disheartening, if not devastating, for some to have to have potentially crucial family legal matters left unresolved. However, you do have options. Check out some courses of action you may consider using, so you can maintain your legal position and get your case moving forward  and obtain resolution.

What Avenues to Take

Legal Resources

There is an old saying about knowledge being powerful but we prefer to say that obtaining knowledge is empowering; this is especially so if you are considering representing yourself at Court.  Thankfully, there are a lot of legal resources you can find online including from what to expect within court proceedings to legal information that you can utilize to help advance your case. Family law information can be found from reputable sources like Law Central Alberta, which is a great resource in encompassing all facets of family legal issues. In addition, there is a readily available yet credible handbook on family law from the Canadian Judicial Council. These resources translate legal jargon into plain language that you can understand. 

Apply for Legal Aid

Not comfortable with representing yourself? That’s completely understandable. There is so much to understanding the law that it can be overwhelming to try to comprehend, much less apply it to a case you wish to bring to court. For those struggling to afford a family lawyer, reaching out to non-profit organizations like Legal Aid Alberta for representation and legal services is a potentially viable option. Many of their lawyers are familiar with different areas of the law, including family law.  If  you are eligible for Legal Aid Alberta, they can help provide you with a family lawyer to assist you.

If ineligible, another route would be to utilize the University of Calgary’s Student Legal Assistance. They can provide both free legal advice and representation from their law students. Another alternative would be Calgary Legal Guidance.

Reach Out for Legal Advice

Sometimes everyone needs a little bit of advice to nudge their case into gear. Many organizations can provide free legal advice, even on family law issues. If you require quick legal advice, there are toll-free numbers you can call for general legal information such as Dial-A-Law funded by the Alberta Law Foundation.

Even paying for one hour of a family lawyer’s time is invaluable to help you navigate your case and the legal system.

Finding an affordable family lawyer isn’t easy – we recognize that. That’s why at McLean Legal we  provide one-time free consults to help you get started. 

There is a brighter future ahead with McLean Legal Family Lawyers. As your dynamic, multi-service family law firm in Calgary, McLean Legal Family Lawyers can offer you personalized legal services tailored to your particular circumstances. We endeavour to resolve matters quickly and with minimal conflict, offering calm, professional, and realistic advice. Given our years of experience in family law, we can assist with your child support, spousal support, divorce, mediation, and separation agreements, as well as civil litigation issues, commercial/corporate services, and real estate transactions. With over 30 years of experience and success, we’re the Calgary family lawyers that offer you a brighter future. Book your free consultation by calling 587-353-2632.