Let’s face it – when you become involved in legal disputes, you need an experienced and passionate family lawyer in Calgary to support you. Whether it’s separation or divorce, child custody, parenting, support issues or executing or even challenging wills and estates, obtaining legal counsel and guidance becomes crucial. However, there are plenty of lawyers in Calgary and the surrounding area, making the selection process challenging and often overwhelming. Fortunately, with a little planning and insight, your search can be simplified— this guide will help to find the right family lawyer for you.

Your Guide To Finding a Family Lawyer in Calgary

Know Your Goals  Take some time to think about the ideal outcome you wish for your situation. For example, if you wish to have a non-confrontational divorce, look for a family lawyer with a reputation for being supportive and empathetic. In a situation like this, you wouldn’t want a super aggressive and forceful lawyer, as it might set the wrong tone and derail your goals. Thinking about those goals can help to know what to look for in a lawyer. Make sure you consider the following:
  • Their experience in cases similar to yours;
  • Their reputation in the field;
  • Their approach to cases and family law generally;
  • If you believe you are receiving a straightforward and honest assessment about what they can realistically do for you.
Ask the Right People for the Right Recommendations  You might know some friends, family members or colleagues, that have worked with family lawyers in the past. Ask them about their individual experience with their lawyer and how he/she approached their situation can provide valuable insight into what you may expect. If you don’t know anyone who has used a family lawyer, you can refer to legal directories that can help you find lawyers within your community and for your particular legal matters. You can contact the Law Society of Alberta lawyer referral line, Calgary Legal Guidance, the Canadian Bar Association or, if you qualify for coverage,  Legal Aid Alberta to help with your search. (Mediation can be helpful for spouses or partners separating. Read our guide to see how it can help you Research the Lawyers Or/And Their Firms  Conduct research into the lawyers and/or their family law firms to see if they match your goals and ideals. Check their firm website to determine if they have the capability to support your issues. Read blog posts and articles, check their practice areas and biographies. This will give you a better sense of their experience, services and approach. See how many members are part of their team and their experience and training, noting their certifications and any past cases, if indicated. Research online for news-related articles and reviews from Google and social media platforms can give you more insight into each lawyer’s reputation. Consider all of the information together to determine if you believe the lawyer you have in mind is right for you. Schedule Time For a Consultation Since a family lawyer will play a vital role in life-changing outcomes for you, it’s important to talk with them directly. Schedule an initial consultation by telephone, zoom or in person. Many will offer some consultation time for free, while others might charge a small fee. Before the consultation, note down important questions that you would like to ask. Some examples include:
  • What is your fee structure? Flat fee or on an hourly basis?
  • How much is the retainer?
  • Do you have experience with cases like mine?
  • What is the timeline for this situation to be finalized?
  • What is your success rate?
  • How do you approach cases like mine?
During the consultation, note down the responses. It can help to make your selection easier. Choose A Family Law Firm Where You Feel Comfortable  Most importantly, during the consultation, take note of how you feel when speaking to the lawyer. Are they supportive, transparent and open? Do they provide you with a direct answer or not? Do they inflate your possible outcomes, or are they honest in attempting to manage your expectations? Are they giving you time to think about retaining you or are they pressuring you to retain them quickly? Please pay attention to how the lawyers communicate with you and how you feel working with them. It’s important that you feel comfortable with your lawyer and that they offer you support and competency during this difficult time. If you don’t feel comfortable following your consultation, it’s best to continue your search – you will find a lawyer who is the best fit for you and your situation. There is a brighter future ahead with McLean Legal.  As your dynamic, multi-service family law firm in Calgary, McLean Legal can offer you personalized legal services tailored to your particular circumstances. We endeavour to resolve matters quickly and with minimal conflict, offering calm, professional, and realistic advice. Given our years of experience in family law, we can assist with your child support, spousal support, divorce, mediation and separation agreements, as well as civil litigation issues, commercial/corporate services, and real estate transactions. With over 30 years of experience and success, we’re the Calgary family lawyers that offer you a brighter future. Book your free consultation by calling 587-353-2632.