Family lawyers in Calgary are available to provide assistance in a number of ways, including mediation and separation services. They can also assist families, couples and individuals who are navigating the legal system to understand and complete a process that is often quite intimidating to them. Below, we’ll look at these services in more detail and provide you with a better understanding of just what it is that family lawyers do.


Services Offered by Family Lawyers in Calgary


Mediation Services


Separating and conflicted couples can use the services of Calgary family lawyers for mediation. This cooperative process is facilitated by the lawyer and helps people move through the separation process together, dividing assets, making decisions that benefit the children and shaping a final result that, despite being one of compromise, ends up being mutually beneficial.


Divorce & Separation Services


Family lawyers in Calgary also provide divorce and separation services for their clients. Except in the case of a joint divorce, this is where a lawyer represents only one individual’s interests. This means the aim is to achieve their client’s goals and expectations rather than working towards everyone’s mutual benefit.


Court-related Services


Family lawyers are also responsible for the court-related duties of their clients. For instance, filing the necessary paperwork, communicating with clerks for filings and the scheduling of hearings, and litigation that may all be necessary to resolve each and every issue a client needs to resolve. These services are essential to divorce and separation.


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