Coming to the realization that you want a divorce is not easy. Yet, coming to that conclusion is the first step to obtaining a divorce. 

How can you start the process? Divorce is already hard enough – there is no need to make it harder by becoming stressed out and not knowing where to begin. 

Before searching for any divorce lawyers in Calgary, review this blog for guidance in navigating the divorce process.

What to Do to Get a Divorce

Review Grounds for Divorce

You first need to understand the grounds for divorce in order to be permitted to obtain one. According to the Divorce Act in Canada, there are three grounds for divorce. 

Do any of these apply to you?

  • 1 Year of Separation
  • Adultery
  • Cruelty (mental, physical or both)
Unhappy married couple disputing in divorce lawyers office.

Organize Your Finances

Filing for divorce isn’t cheap. Court filing fees are typically around $260, nevermind the cost of a lawyer. You will need to be mindful of what an equitable distribution of marital assets and debts might look like; not what you, yourself, think is fair.  It is imperative that you have some funds set aside to pay for your divorce or apply for Legal Aid if you qualify. Since all divorces are different, there is no real set price on how much it would cost – however, a good lawyer can help you to manage expectations, recommend realistic steps and try to keep you within budget.

Gather Necessary Documents 

The circumstances of your marriage can influence what you may need to do when filing for divorce. One divorce case may require more documentation than another. Do you have children? If so, you will be required to take the Parenting After Separation course and possibly need additional forms to illustrate the proper child support calculations. For the most part, you will mainly need financial documentation of your income, and that of your spouse’s,which will include tax returns, notice of assessment, pay statements and other materials.. You can easily find any required forms online at the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta. 

Seek Legal Counsel 

Technically, you can file for divorce yourself, but few normally do. Representing yourself in an attempt to reduce legal costs usually isn’t worth it since you can risk shortchanging your case from your lack of familiarity with the law and the step-by-step process required. It’s best to reach out to a professional primarily practicing in divorce and family law. A lawyer from a good family law firm in Calgary can help guide you through the document production process properly and assist you in obtaining the most out of your divorce case. 

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