Finding effective methods to resolve disputes is crucial in a world where conflicts are inevitable. For many, a common route is seeking mediation in Calgary since it’s proven to be a valuable tool for resolving conflict more efficiently and amicably, be it a family law issue, a business issue, or another type. So, what are the hallmark advantages of mediation? Find out the most common reasons people turn to mediation here. 

5 Benefits of Seeking Mediation in Calgary 

#1 Benefit: Cost-Effective Resolution

Mediation conducted by a lawyer offers cost-effectiveness due to several factors:

  1. Lawyers offering mediation often charge lower hourly rates than their standard legal services fees;
  2. There is a shared cost model in mediation, where all parties involved contribute to the expenses, which proves more economical than each party individually hiring their own lawyer. Mediation also avoids the imposition of substantial court costs, a characteristic of litigation in Calgary;
  3. The flexibility inherent in mediation allows for innovative solutions not readily available in a courtroom setting, which would be bound by legislation and common-law principles.

It is to anyone’s advantage to conduct your own research and cost comparisons when selecting a mediator, as fees may vary based on the location of the mediator and their years at the Bar/experience.

Benefit #2: Time Efficiency

Time is of the essence, especially when disputes disrupt personal or business relationships. By turning to mediation, you can sidestep the lengthy court procedures associated with litigation. Mediation, on the other hand, is typically known for resolving disputes quickly. Since parties can also schedule mediation sessions at their convenience, it further expedites the process rather than attempting to obtain time in a  court calendar. If your time is precious, mediation offers a way to resolve swiftly, enabling all parties to move forward to their new futures. 

Benefit #3: Control & Flexibility

As mentioned above, mediation empowers parties by allowing them to control the dispute’s outcome through creative solutions not found in court. The process requires active participation to obtain an outcome that can be mutually acceptable rather than a clear win or a clear loss.   All mediations are held “without prejudice”, meaning the parties can express positions and views that will not be permitted to be included in any affidavits or other Court proceedings, nor will the mediator be called a witness. Going to Court will result in a decision imposed upon the parties, whereas mediation will result in a decision crafted by the parties themselves. 

Benefit #4: Mediation in Calgary Offers Confidentiality

Mediation is confidential since it is held in a private setting, typically in a boardroom. It can also be kept confidential from disclosure to third parties if each party signs a confidentiality agreement and it is also signed by the following:

  1. Both parties’ lawyers;
  2. Witnesses;
  3. Those likely to come into contact with confidential information generated during the process. 

The confidential setting avoids disclosure of personally private and financial information that could potentially harm the parties’ reputations. 

Benefit #5: Preservation of Relationships

In many cases, disputes arise between parties who will have an ongoing relationship. It could be between family members, business partners, or colleagues. Mediation can potentially preserve those relationships based on the following: 

  1. Mediation avoids making judgments of fault, a crucial factor in preserving amicable relationships, especially in divorce mediation;
  2. The process encourages improved communication, which can be perfect for family mediation. Why? It strengthens relationships by helping each party understand their respective perspectives and concerns;
  3. Mediated settlements are structured to address the interests of all parties involved, emphasizing the preservation of working relationships in ways that win/lose decision-making procedures cannot achieve.

In a city like Calgary, where business relationships can be the backbone of success, mediation addresses disputes while keeping the door open for future collaboration and cooperation.

Choose Peaceful Solutions By Seeking Mediation in Calgary 

Whether you’re dealing with a family conflict, a business dispute, or any other form of disagreement, consider mediation in Calgary as a viable and advantageous option for achieving a peaceful and mutually satisfactory resolution. However, it is important to note that only some cases are suitable for mediation, and success rates can vary depending on the case’s complexity and the parties’ willingness to cooperate. Talk to an experienced mediation lawyer to see whether this is the best way to resolve your dispute. 

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